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NICE - NIsin Controlled gene Expression system


 NICE® Expression System for Lactococcus lactis

Next to the wealth of traditional food applications, L. lactis is increasingly used for modern biotechnological applications such as the production of recombinant proteins for food, feed, pharma and biocatalysis applications. Next to the easy genetic accessibility of L. lactis the Nisin Controlled gene Expression (NICE®) system developed at NIZO has played a key role in this development.



  • The system is fully food grade
  • No endotoxins are produced
  • No inclusion bodies
  • No spores
  • No extracellular proteinases
  • Tightly controlled gene expression allows production of toxic proteins
  • Simple fermentation, scale-up and down stream processing

Areas of application

  • Production of homologous and heterologous proteins for food, feed, pharma and biocatalysis applications
  • Production of prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane proteins
  • Production of exo-polysaccharides
  • Production of ingredients through metabolic engineering: e.g. alanine, folate, diacetyl
  • Preparation of L. lactis as a biocatalyst by expression of a suitable enzyme as e.g. dehydrogenases and in-situ co-factor regenearation
  • High throughput screening for enzyme evolution or enzyme comparison
Scritta il 02/09/2009