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Zymolyase®, purified from culture fluid of Arthrobacter luteus, has strong lytic activity against living yeast cell walls to produce protoplast or spheroplast of various strains of yeast cells. Essential enzyme lytic activity of Zymolyase® is Beta-1, 3-glucan laminaripentaohydrolase, which hydolyzes glucose polymers linked by Beta-1, 3- bonds and produces laminaripentaose. Zymolyase® is reported to be a complex enzyme of Zymolyase A, Beta-1, 3-glucan laminaripentaohydrolase and Zymolyase B, alkaline protease, which may change the structure of the yeast cell wall to facilitate penetration of Zymolyase A. Zymolyase A alone was unable to lyse yeast cell walls. There are two preparations of Zymolyase®, Zymolyase® 20T and 100T, having lytic activity of 20,000 units/gram and 100,000 units/gram respectively. Zymolyase® 20T is ammonium sulphate precipitate while Zymolyase® 100T is a further purified preparation by affinity chromatography. Lytic activity varies depending on strains, fermentation conditions and growth phases of yeast substrate. 

120491-1 ZymolyaseR 20T 1 g (20KU/g)                                    Euro  290,00+iva

120493-1 ZymolyaseR 100T 500 mg (100KU/g)                          Euro 1250,00+iva


Scritta il 29/09/2010