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AssayPro LLC


Assapro LLC are specialists inthe development and production of AssayMax ELISA kits and AssaySense Chromogenic Activity Kits for research into Cardiovascular Disease, Diabets, Obesity, Cytokines, Hemostasis and Throbosis.


This range of high quality, competitively priced assay are extensively cited in Scientific Publications.

   The assays are supported with a wide range of recombinant and purified proteins, plus antibodies to steroids, peptides and proteins.

Products range :


  • Elisa and Chromogenic Assay Kits
  • Kit Control Products
  • Depleted Plasma Products
  • Recombinant and Natural Blood Proteins
  • Antibodies to Steroids
  • Antibodies to Peptides/Proteins
  • New AssayPro Products.


 Duotech srl.

Scritta il 09/10/2013