MyTaq Extract-PCR kit

MyTaqExtrac-PCR kit
Traditional DNA extraction methods are laborius, involving phenol extraction, overnight incubation or column purification steps. Older methods also typically require large volumes of starting material and must be futher optimized to aid DNA extraction efficiency, particularly with solid tissue samples. These challenges make traditional DNA extraction methods unsuitable for medium or high-throughput assays that require extracted DNA to be PCR ready.
MyTaq ExtractionPCR kit overcames all of the challenges associated with existing DNA extraction techniques delivers high-quality PCR-ready DNA.
  Features and Benefites 
  1. Easy-to-use. Eliminate complex DNA extraction procedures.
  2. Rapid extraction protocol. High-yield, PCR-ready DNA in 15 minutes.
  3. Direct gel loading. No need for post-PCR processing. 
  4. Convenient. Single-tube extraction, minimizes contamination and increases efficiency.
  5. Powered by MyTaq HS Red mix. Fast and highly specific amplification.
  6. Application validet. Perfect for genotyping.
Scritta il 04/11/2013