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 antibody - wikipedia
Structure. Antibodies are heavy (~150 kDa) globular plasma proteins. They have sugar chains (glycans) added to conserved amino acid residues. In other ...

 antibody: medlineplus medical encyclopedia
Read our article and learn more on MedlinePlus: Antibody

 antibodies : production, structure, and classes
Antibodies are specialized proteins that defend against foreign substances in the body. They are produced by white blood cells known as B cells.

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 antibodies | definition of antibodies by medical dictionary
Antibodies Specialized cells of the immune system which can recognize organisms that invade the body (such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi). The antibodies are then ...

 antibodies - biocompare antibody search tool
Search Biocompare's comprehensive database of over 1M antibodies, and compare specs across hundreds of suppliers. Our reviews, protocols and articles can help you ...

 antibodies | define antibodies at dictionary.com
Antibodies definition, any of numerous Y -shaped protein molecules produced by B cells as a primary immune defense, each molecule and its clones having a unique ...

 antibodies | thermo fisher scientific
75,000+ high-quality Invitrogen primary and secondary antibodies. Detect targets (85% proteome coverage) by flow cytometry, western blot, fluorescent imaging, cell ...

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