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 stemcell technologies
STEMCELL Technologies develops cell culture media, cell separation systems, instruments and other reagents for use in life sciences research. STEMCELL Technologies The store will not work correctly when cookies are disabled.

 products - stemcell
Products 1 to 12 of 1744 total. Human Peripheral Blood Gamma Delta T Cells, Frozen. Primary human cells, frozen. Live Virtual Training: Genome-Editing Pluripotent Stem Cells. Learn best practices for deriving and maintaining CRISPR-Cas9 genome-edited hPSCs. ImmunoCult™ Human CD3/CD28/CD2 T Cell Activator.

 about us - stemcell
STEMCELL Technologies provides high-quality cell culture media, cell separation technologies, instruments, accessory products, and educational resources to scientists around the world working on stem cell, immunology, cancer, regenerative medicine, and cellular therapy research. At STEMCELL, we are dedicated to improving lives through advanced ...

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 stem cell - wikipedia
Anatomical terminology. [ edit on Wikidata] In multicellular organisms, stem cells are undifferentiated or partially differentiated cells that can change into various types of cells and proliferate indefinitely to produce more of the same stem cell. They are the earliest type of cell in a cell lineage. [1] They are found in both embryonic and ...

 cryostor® cs10 cell freezing medium | stemcell technologies
CryoStor®CS10 effectively mitigates temperature-induced molecular cell stress responses to maximize post-thaw viability and recovery for a variety of immune cell types, including T cells (data not shown) and B cells. Here, human B cells from 6 different donors cryopreserved in CryoStor®CS10 show reproducibly high viability after thawing, as ...

 stemdiff™ cerebral organoid kit - stemcell
Cryosectioned Cerebral Organoids Show Stratification of Cortical Plate Neurons and Progenitor Zones. Cerebral organoids were generated using the STEMdiff™ Cerebral Organoid Kit. A 16-μm-thick section of a Day 40 cerebral organoid was stained for CTIP2 (green), PAX6 (magenta), βIII-tubulin/TUJ1 (blue), and DAPI (gray).

 cosmetici stemcell - creme e trattamenti viso, occhi | 50 ml
Stemcell presenta una linea basata sulle cellule staminali vegetali. Il mondo scientifico sta vivendo oggi un momento di rivoluzione in seguito alle importanti scoperte sulle cellule staminali. Se fino ad oggi vi limitavate a proteggere la pelle dal suo naturale invecchiamento, oggi con Stemcell potrete realmente fermarlo, riattivando tutte le cellule dormienti del vostro derma.

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