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 thermal cycler - wikipedia
The thermal cycler (also known as a thermocycler, PCR machine or DNA amplifier) is a laboratory apparatus most commonly used to amplify segments of DNA via the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). [1] .

 thermocyclers | thermo fisher scientific - us
Choosing the right thermal cycler (also known as a thermocycler or PCR machine) is key to the success of your PCR experiments across many applications, including sequencing, genotyping, cloning, and mutagenesis. Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers help generate precise, consistent, reproducible results for every challenge, experiment, and budget.

 thermal cyclers for pcr | bio-rad
Thermal cyclers are essential laboratory equipment for researchers who run polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for sequencing, cloning, genotyping, mutagenesis, and many other applications.

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 thermocycler | bio-rad
Thermocyclers are integral to life science research. In molecular biology they are used for DNA sequencing, cloning, generation of probes, quantification of DNA and RNA, studying patterns of gene expression, detection of sequence-tagged sites, and many more techniques.

 thermal cyclers | thermo fisher scientific
Thermal cyclers are instruments that precisely maintain and regulate temperatures following pre-programmed settings to facilitate temperature-sensitive reactions such as PCR. These instruments are available in multiple sizes and sample holding capacities. Capacity. Application. Block Configurations. Block Format. 1-15 of 169 Products.

 pcr thermal cyclers education | thermo fisher scientific - us
Resources. What is a PCR machine and what do they do? A PCR machine—or a thermal cycler—is an instrument that amplifies target nucleic acid sequences into millions of copies via polymerase chain reaction. Thermal cyclers inherit their name because they regulate temperatures in a cyclical program. How does a thermal cycler work?

 more efficient pcr? challenge accepted - nature
Thermal cyclers thus play a pivotal role by precisely setting, holding and switching between optimal temperatures. But what are the optimal temperatures? Guesswork in optimization. The aim of...

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